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   Nov 27

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For most chemical applications, one(1 ) gallon of chemical mixture will treat 1000 square feet of area.

  1. In preparation for using the Applicator, ensure the tank is empty and free of foreign debris, dirt or other contaminants.
  2. Use protective gear when handling chemicals, such as chemical resistant gloves and face shields
  3. Mix the Chemical the same as for spray applications.
  4. Always mix Chemicals per the Manufacturers instructions. Pay attention to use of protective gear and usage instructions.
  5. Wet the Applicator Roller with water prior to turning on the chemical application. (This will conserve chemicals used to wet the roller)
  6. When ready to begin application, turn the control valve to the “On” position. This will allow the treatment chemical mix to begin flowing through the manifold and onto the application roller.
  7. Roll the chemically treated roller over the plants and area to be treated. The roller maybe be used on bare soil without contamination problem.
  8. When the application is complete, turn the balve to the “OFF” position to stop the flow of the chemical mixture from the tank.
  9. Wash the roller in water to remove residual chemical mix. (This helps prepare the applicator for using other chemicals and helps prolong the life of the unit.)
  10. Tanks maybe rinsed with water and emptied by opening the control valve. Empting the tank maybe enhanced by remoing the ½” hose from the tank fitting and attaching an appropriate size hose to the fitting to direct the chemical mix to the collection container. CAUTION: collect residual chemical mix into a collection container for future us or disposal.